Intelagard Introduces the Decontamination Escape Kit

Featuring EasyDECON™ DF200 Personal Incident Decontamination Spray

BROOMFIELD, Col. - Get out alive from a contaminated environment with Intelagard’s Decontamination Escape Kit. Suit up and get to safety, even if that means going through a hot zone.  Intelagard offers the only escape kit that includes the internationally acclaimed EasyDECON™ DF200 Personal Incident Decontamination Spray. EasyDECON DF200 is effective against SARS, the virus that causes the Avian Flu, Anthrax, Ecoli, Mustard Gas (HD), Sarin (GB), Somin (GD), and more. Remain fully functional in the midst of an accidental or man-made chemical/biological incident while getting to safety.

The DEK is easy to use. Simply remove the mask from its protective container and pull it over your head. Put on the suit, boots, and gloves. The kit contains a bag for any personal items you may wish to take with you.

The convenient and easy-to-use hand-held sprayer contains the same formulation that was used to decontaminate anthrax found in the Hart Senate Building in 2001. EasyDECON DF200 has been adopted by military, HAZMAT and emergency response professionals across the country. The formula is highly effective in killing biological and neutralizing chemical agents. It is safe and environmentally friendly, registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Intelagard’s Executive Decontamination Escape Kit is packaged in an attractive, sophisticated black carrying case, suitable for executives and other professionals. The DEK also comes in a hard-sided, water-tight case for personnel in industrial environments.  The coveralls and gloves are approved for use with WMD agents, and the hood style respirator complies with military standards.  This one-time use kit provides individual escape protection and small area decontamination capabilities.

The DEK represents the ultimate in personal safety.  The hood respirators are comfortable, lightweight, and protect against chemical warfare gases, and toxic industrial materials. The respirators allow for filtration of particulates down to 0.3 microns with 99.9997% efficiency. Each filter lasts approximately 30 minutes. Long-term use, full face mask respirators with replaceable cartridges are also available for professional users.

The DEK does not require the use of SCBA. The contents in the DEK are currently used by emergency response professionals.  The protective suit has passed US Military Standards STD-282, and has been tested for use against chemical warfare agents. The DEK is available in adult sizes Small to XX-Large.

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