RAE Systems Announces New Pricing And Flexibility for EntryRAE Multi-Gas PID

SAN JOSE, Cal. - The EntryRAE multi-gas plus photoionization detector (PID) confined space entry monitor is now available in a variety of configurations. You can purchase the monitor with 1 to 5 sensors. Want to start with a 4-gas monitor and update to a PID at a later date? No problem: When you need the PID, just order it and plug it in. This new modularity allows more flexibility for your standard confined space entry monitor.

With this flexibility you need only one training session, only one set of calibration gases, only one autocalibration system and only one kind of monitor. There is never a need to send the monitor back to the factory to change the configuration. The new EntryRAE will reduce your training costs, reduce your spare parts and accessory costs, reduce your maintenance costs and thereby reduce your total cost of ownership.

The EntryRAE now starts at $895 and is available in the following configurations:

O2, LEL, H2S, CO, 10.6 eV PID
O2, LEL, H2S, CO
LEL, O2, 10.6 eV PID
10.6 eV PID

Confined Space Entry Kits are also available. Optional accessory kits include a hard transport case, tool kit, and sampling wand. All configurations work with the AutoRAE auto-calibration, bump test, and charging system for RAE Systems gas monitors.

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