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RAE Systems Announces new White Paper on Radiation Detection

SAN JOSE, Calif., RAE Systems has released a new white paper to educate first responders about the selecting the right equipment for radiation detection.

Exposure to high levels of radiation can be dangerous. Because radiation is odorless and invisible, those who must work with radioactive materials need special equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. First responders (HazMat, fire, police, EMS), hospital workers, nuclear facilities engineers, and workers at industrial facilities housing radioactive materials operate in different environments, but all share the need for protection from the harmful effects of radiation.

For the complete white paper, go to:

About RAE Systems Inc.
RAE Systems, founded in 1991, is a leading global developer and manufacturer of rapidly deployable chemical and radiation detection monitors and multi-sensor networks for homeland security and industrial applications. RAE Systems’ technologically advanced products are based on proprietary technology, and include a full line of portable, wireless and fixed atmospheric monitors and photoionization detectors and gamma and neutron radiation detectors for the detection and early warning of hazardous materials.