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Recon to Decon: A Toolbox Approach to Hazmat Response

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Tuesday, January 26th at 1:00pm - 2:00pm (EST)

Join us for a panel discussion as we explore the capabilities and limitations of various detection and identification tools and how they are best used together. Like a construction project, various carpentry tools are needed to complete the bigger job. In Hazmat response, various meters are needed from initial reconnaissance to decontamination verification. Risk-based response requires hazard assessment from all angles so you can do your job effectively and safely. High pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) detects trace high-hazard airborne contaminants at parts per billion (ppb) levels and surface contamination / impure solid hazards at low nanogram (ng) levels. When combined with multi-gas meters during recon, FTIR and Raman during sample identification, and during decon procedures to verify mitigation, HPMS plays a key role in the detection toolbox.

By attending this webinar, you will learn from scientific and response experts:

  • Which combination of tools gives the most information during a response
  • Tips and tricks for sampling for all stages of the response
  • Which tools are best suited for Fentanyl analog detection and identification
  • Which tools are best for detecting Novichok agents at relevant exposure limits

You will also be entered into a raffle to win a cordless drill!


  • Dr. Christina Baxter, CEO, Emergency Response TIPS
  • Dr. Chris Weber, Field Applications Scientist, 908 Devices


  • Dr. Mark Norman, Director of Field Applications, 908 Devices

Note: This is the first in our monthly series on a variety of important topics related to the community.

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