SearchCam’s New EntryLink Diversity Gives Hazmat Teams a Cool View

RICHMOND, B.C. - President Gord Cook of CON-SPACE Communications announced today SearchCam’s new EntryLink Diversity, a wireless video camera system. The Entry Link Diversity gives the incident commander a clear audio and visual link to those inside the “hot zone”.

“Building on the success of our SearchCam EntryLink 350, the new Diversity is equipped with three mobile antenna-receivers to extend the camera’s signal capability,” Cook stated. “In more challenging multi-path conditions, such as an urban city street surrounded by tall buildings, three antenna-receivers work to provide the best possible video image,” Cook added.


The SearchCam EntryLink Diversity makes Hazmat entry team operations faster and safer. The site expert, usually unqualified to enter the “hot zone”, can direct the Hazmat technicians using the video monitor. This allows the incident to be completed with fewer entries, saving time and reducing the exposure to potential safety threats. The EntryLink also allows the entire entry to be video taped at the command post for incident evaluation or forensic evidence. The EntryLink Diversity sells for $20,995.


CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. and its four principal product lines have been the eyes, ears and voice of first responders around the world for almost two decades. CON-SPACE Hardline, the SearchCam line, Delsar Life Detectors and CON-SPACE Radio Accessories — now all manufactured by CON-SPACE Communications — are the “originals’ in the field of technical rescue. They’re time-proven, reliable, field tested and easy to use. First responders rely on the “originals” to save lives.


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