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FireCam Releases the FCII Fire Helmet Camera is proud to announce the release of the new FCII Helmet Camera. Firecam has a limited number of 1st batch cameras coming, and has open the pre-order process for this incredible new camera. The FCII Helmet Camera features a new wide angle lens, and integrated LED flashlight with a 0.01 lux rating, you will be recording with better quality in ANY condition.

Remember the real shaky picture from old cameras? This has been eliminated with FCII S built in stabilizer. The FCII was designed by our staff from ground up and is not available anywhere else. The FCII package includes the new FCII fire helmet camera with built in flashlight, replaceable heat protection shell, fire helmet mount, SD card, 3.7V rechargeable batteries, remote control for playback on TV and USB / AV cables. The easy to operate no wires camera is raising the bar. Don’t delay, pre-order quantities are limited and will not be available long. Visit for more information.