FoxFury Debuts a Brighter Command Series Helmet Light

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Vista, CA — FoxFury’s Best Selling Command Series Fire Helmet Lights have been upgraded in response to advancements in LED Technology.

The Command Series Fire Lights differ only by the quantity of LEDs, which in turn, impacts the light output each offers. The Command 10 Fire includes 10 LEDs, while the Command 20 Fire has 20 LEDs.

FoxFury has increased the light output of the Command 10 Fire to 36 Lumen, an increase of over 60%. FoxFury’s best selling Command 20 Fire now provides 51 Lumen of output at full strength.

FoxFury’s unique Command Series Fire Helmet Lights were first released in 2007 in response to Fire Fighters’ needs and feedback.

Three adjustable mode settings give users the ability to select the appropriate amount of light output required for various situations and environments.

A rear Safety Red LED on the battery pack is specifically placed to increase visibility from behind, which in turn increases user safety and awareness.

The Command Series is most known for its low-profile and ergonomic design, allowing it to fit suitably on 99% of all Fire and Wildland Helmets (with or without face shields).

Four (4) AA batteries offer between 30 and 60 hours of total usable light output in the Command 10 and Command 20, respectively.

MSRP $60.99 (Command 10 Fire) & $81.99 (Command 20 Fire)

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