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Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center enhances patient care with communication technology Pulsara

CPRMC first in South Carolina to elevate EMS collaboration in coordinated care and response efficiency with this technology

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BOZEMAN, Mont. — Pulsara, a leading communication and logistics platform that unites healthcare teams across organizations, announced the implementation of Pulsara at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center (CPRMC), introducing a powerful advancement in patient care coordination in South Carolina. This initiative positions CPRMC as the pioneering facility in the state to harness such technology, significantly enhancing its capability between EMS partners and the receiving Emergency Department. By facilitating real-time communication among their care teams, the Pulsara platform accelerates CPRMC response and treatment times and ensures a secure and efficient exchange of information across all care levels.

“We are proud to be at the forefront in South Carolina by implementing a technology that directly enhances care coordination and patient outcomes,” remarked Bill Little, CEO of Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. “Our commitment is to deliver exceptional care and service. This step forward with Pulsara is a testament to our dedication to improving healthcare delivery for our community.”

“Supporting the Carolina Pines teams has been a remarkable journey,” stated Lee Wallace, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Pulsara. “Their unwavering commitment to patient care shines through in our collaborations. As someone who has devoted my career to advancing healthcare in South Carolina, witnessing this excellence in action is profoundly rewarding.”

The CPRMC leadership team quickly saw the value of Pulsara after discovering it at their Pee Dee EMS Symposium in November 2023. With this platform, the critical phase of patient care begins when EMS responders initiate a case in Pulsara. This direct digital connection eliminates the need for traditional radio or phone reports, enabling EMS to transmit vital information instantly. This ensures that hospital teams are informed and ready to act before the patient arrives, streamlining the transition from field to hospital care.

Images from the field, ECG transmission, ETA, and on-the-fly audio/video consults can also be shared directly from Pulsara. In coordination with Lee County EMS and Marlboro County EMS, CPRMC went live with the new Pulsara platform on February 12, 2024.

The potential of Pulsara extends beyond the emergency department, offering a pathway for CPRMC to seamlessly integrate specialists—such as stroke, STEMI, or trauma teams—into a unified patient care process. This integration ensures timely updates and alerts are shared across all care providers. In scenarios of critical need, such as natural disasters or major accidents involving multiple patients, Pulsara’s capability to scale becomes invaluable. It facilitates a coordinated response among all healthcare professionals and emergency responders, enabling effective patient triage, tracking, and support. This technology also plays a crucial role in managing large-scale emergencies, aiding in patient evacuation and reunification efforts efficiently as events evolve.

“We couldn’t be more excited about how this will help our patients,” shared Edie Campbell, BSN, RN, CEN, Emergency Department Director at CPRMC. “Not only is this improving EMS to ED communication locally, but as we expand the use of Pulsara, we see this transforming patient care for our entire region and eventually for all South Carolinians.”

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