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Santa Barbara County Sheriff Orders STRONGWATCH Freedom On-The-Move Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS)


Santa Barbara County Sheriff today announced their purchase of the STRONGWATCH FREEDOM On-The-Move, mobile surveillance system for crime prevention, incident response and emergency management; FREEDOM On-The-Move will enable an increased level of effectiveness and safety for law enforcement personnel and for the safety and protection of the public.

TUCSON ARIZONA, - STRONGWATCH today announced that it received a purchase order from Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office for its FREEDOM On-The-Move, mobile video surveillance system. Santa Barbara is deploying the STRONGWATCH system for its advanced situational awareness capabilities in detecting and interdicting seaborne drug crimes, incident response and emergency management. “FREEDOM On-The-Move hosts a powerful combination of advanced sensors, laser, gyros and electronics in a rugged, mobile platform for standard fleet vehicles. This powerful combination provides advanced situational awareness for public safety,” said STRONGWATCH Chairman & CEO, Mike Powell. “Our technology was borne out of hundreds of missions with various military, border security and law enforcement teams over the past 4 years. This operational experience enabled STRONGWATCH to design our award winning tactical mobile video surveillance solution.” said Powell.

“FREEDOM On-The-Move is easy to use, dependable and mission versatile. It protects firefighters during wildfires, assists search and rescue teams in finding missing persons, and can perform covert, long stand-off surveillance during a drug interdiction operations, said William “Drew” Dodds, Director of Sales. “Our success in winning contracts with public safety agencies is due to the versatility of FREEDOM On-The-Move; it is simple to use, rugged and cost effective.” said Dodds

STRONGWATCH’s FREEDOM On-The-Move is designed for mobile surveillance, it integrates gyro stabilization, wireless video streaming, geospatial mapping, thermal infrared sensor, color camera, eye-safe laser illuminators, precision range finder, and a stowable mast. The Santa Barbara order includes the STRONGWATCH vehicle integration system, which is designed for easy installation into multiple original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) fleet vehicles already in service.

Based in Tucson-Arizona, STRONGWATCH is a leader in surveillance and security innovations with mobile and fixed infrastructure products that enable early threat detection, actionable intelligence and non-lethal deterrence. STRONGWATCH’s family of products are currently deployed across the Southern U.S. Border by various law enforcement and counter terrorism agencies.

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