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Different way to tie the halyard


By Mark van der Feyst

On an extension ground ladder, the halyard is tied off to secure the fly section to the bed section when not in use. It is common to use a clove hitch knot, incorporating the halyard in the middle of the knot with the clove hitch tied around the third or fourth rung up from the bottom of the ladder.

This adds time when trying to deploy and raise the ladder. The time it takes to untie the knot, unwrap the rope and then extend the ladder will complicate the operation.

Instead, try tying the halyard around only the bottom rung of the bed section. This allows the ladder to be extended without having to untie the knot, thus saving time in the operation. If the rope needs to be tied off after the raise, the halyard can be tied using a clove hitch on a bight.