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Annual fire index looks at performance in key areas

How does your department fare on these important metrics?

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Firefighters helping a car accident victim

Departments’ numbers of EMS responses, as opposed to fire, was a subject of interest in 2024.

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With next year’s transition from the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) to the National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) imminent, data is on a lot of minds in the fire service. With the release of ESO’s 2024 Fire Service Index, it’s already providing insights on some of the big questions firefighters face.

Now in its fifth year, the Index examines aggregated industry data to help guide agencies’ decision-making and growth. This year’s version extracts insights from over 6.5 million incidents that occurred in 2023, using them to develop benchmarks that can be used as part of strategies towards improving outcomes in other communities. The ESO 2024 Fire Service Index helps answer questions such as:

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    Download the Index to learn more.


    What are our most common response types among fire calls?
  • How many of our responses are EMS compared to fire?
  • What are the most common property types for fire calls?
  • What are the most prevalent types of outdoor fires?
  • How quickly do we respond to a call on average?
  • How frequently are firefighters documenting decontamination procedures?

Download the free Fire Service Index here. For more information, visit ESO.