RadioMobile Releases Cost-Competitive Mobile Computing Terminal

end picture, a division of RF Industries (NASDAQ: RFIL), introduces the MCT-8000 into the demanding environment of mobile computing. Designed to be cost-competitive with laptops, the two-piece rugged processor/display combination with Intel state of the art CPU is designed for MCT and AVL mobile applications.
The processor unit features a solid-state hard drive coupled with fanless heat pipe technology to offer a footprint comparable to that of a laptop. Full scalability and ease of repair are added with all off-the-shelf components.

The display head is a 10.2” array with a variable brightness touch screen and built-in speakers. Made of metal, the front is simple and sized right for tight installations. Optional backlit industrial keyboard is available, and peripherals may be added by utilizing the six USB ports

Power up/down control is provided through the ignition sense mobile power supply in order to prevent harsh transitions that can be damaging to electronic equipment.

RadioMobile is a provider of affordable end-to-end mobile wireless network solutions for public safety, emergency medical, transportation and industrial customers. RadioMobile is a division of RF Industries, a leading supplier of connecting solutions.

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