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Tablet Command and Genasys partner on real-time evacuation insights for fire agencies nationwide

Genasys Protect™ evacuation zone data improves situational awareness and cross-agency coordination for emergency response

SAN DIEGO - Genasys Inc., the global provider of Protective Communications solutions, today announced a partnership with Tablet Command, an emergency response management solution for fire service professionals. This partnership marks the first time agencies using Tablet Command will have real-time access to evacuation zones via Genasys Protect™. This integration provides first responders with zone-specific data and insights to enhance interagency situational awareness and communication during fire-related incidents.

Designed to improve incident management and emergency scene accountability, Tablet Command also serves as a complete Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) – the device used inside a fire engine to locate other units and get access to key information – for nearly 30,000 fire service professionals across the United States. By integrating with Genasys Protect, Tablet Command’s existing mapping services become configurable, showing real-time evacuation zone data such as the status of zones, the number of emergency vehicles in the area, cross streets, and more. As a result, fire rescue teams gain an accurate, complete picture of fire incidents as they unfold and respond effectively.

“At Tablet Command, we are always looking to provide more value and innovation for fire leadership and their agencies,” said William Pigeon, CEO and co-founder of Tablet Command. “Teaming up with Genasys to integrate our technology together allows us to further this mission by increasing the situational awareness, safety and preparedness of first responders in our communities. Before this, it was a back and forth verification process of what area to evacuate. Tablet Command and Genasys Protect integration brings everyone onto the same sheet of music when clear, timely communication is critical.”

Through this integration, fire rescue teams can see specific, trusted location insights in real time, increasing situational awareness. This is particularly valuable for vehicles acting as mutual aid responders. Traditionally, if a fire rescue team is called in to assist a fire out-of-county, they are going in blind. They may know the location of the fire, but details such as who else is on the scene, the status of the fire, and who is being evacuated, aren’t known until they arrive. Now, battalion chiefs and captains have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with evacuation zones outside of their jurisdiction before they get there. Upon arriving on the scene, they will know whether a zone is under advisory warning, or if an evacuation is in place. This additional level of intelligence is key in scenarios such as wildfires, where time is of the essence.

“For commanding officers ordering evacuation, it closes the loop with the field units whether or not the warnings have gone out. This reduces radio traffic in rapidly expanding complex incidents,” said Matt Barnes, Deputy Fire Chief, Southern Marin Fire Protection District. “As a branch director, I have used Genasys Protect evacuation zones outside of Marin County. It sped up the process of having access to the zones. I was able to communicate more efficiently and effectively about the areas that needed to be evacuated. This is a game changer in communicating evacuation areas.”

“Our partnership with Tablet Command brings together two best-of-breed technologies to improve emergency response management and, ultimately, save lives,” said Charlie Crocker, Senior Vice President of SaaS at Genasys. “This functionality is something our joint customers in counties across the country have been asking for, and so we are excited to deliver additional support and value to help first responders elevate emergency planning, response and alerting for their communities.”

Genasys Protect is a SaaS-based platform covering more than 70 million citizens across the world. It combines real-time evacuation management, mass notification technology, and acoustic devices for audible alerts to offer a comprehensive preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems portfolio. No other company has the native integration that Genasys does with Tablet Command, WAZE, IPAWS, and Esri.

About Genasys Inc.

Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS) is the global leader in Protective Communications Solutions and Systems, designed around one premise: ensuring organizations and public safety agencies are “Ready when it matters™.” The company provides the Genasys Protect platform, the most comprehensive portfolio of preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems, as well as Genasys Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD®) that deliver directed, audible voice messages with intelligible vocal clarity from close range to 5,500 meters. Genasys serves state and local governmental agencies, and education (SLED); enterprise organizations in critical sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, and automotive; and federal governments and the military. Genasys Protective Communications Solutions have diverse applications, including emergency warning and mass notification for public safety, critical event management for enterprise companies, de-escalation for defense and law enforcement, and automated detection of real-time threats like active shooters and severe weather. Today, Genasys protects over 70 million people globally and is used in more than 100 countries, including more than 500 cities, counties, and states in the U.S. For more information, visit

About Tablet Command

Tablet Command provides the industry-leading Mobile CAD, emergency incident response and management solution to nearly 30,000 users and 700 public safety agencies across the United States and Canada. Tablet Command software solutions enhance safety and operational efficiency for emergency responders on the ground by providing comprehensive, real-time information under a single pane of glass. Tablet Command also records operational performance data as a byproduct of the incident management process. This data, and the insight it can provide, have never before existed in the public safety sector. For more information, visit