The Gores Group and Tiburon, Inc. Strengthen Leadership Position in Next Generation Integrated 9-1-1 Public Safety Solutions

The Gores Group, through an affiliate of Gores portfolio company Tiburon, Acquires Positron Data Applications, renamed as Positron Front Line

Pleasanton, Calif. - The Gores Group has announced its acquisition of the Positron Data Applications business through an affiliate of its portfolio company Tiburon, Inc. This acquisition strengthens Tiburon’s dedication to increasing and improving next generation technology solutions for public safety agencies, both expanding the breadth of product offerings to clients as well as increasing Tiburon’s ability to serve additional markets, including international markets. The newly acquired business is renamed as Positron Front Line. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction does not include the Positron Call Handling business.

Positron Front Line intends to make significant investments in next generation integrated 9-1-1 solutions, including computer aided dispatch (CAD), records management and mobile solutions.

"Tiburon’s commitment to providing industry leading solutions for public safety remains paramount to us," said Jeffrey P. Stone, president and CEO of Tiburon. "Tiburon continues to build on our core competencies in dispatch, records management, mobile and corrections solutions. We continue to invest in our current product line, organic growth in Tier 2 and with this acquisition – smaller public safety agencies, international opportunities and next generation 9-1-1."

"This acquisition offers a great opportunity for Tiburon, but also provides stability, investment and focus to the Positron Front Line business. It is a significant boost for existing and potential clients and Tiburon will be a welcome partner to over 220 additional agencies that will now be served by Gores and Tiburon," said Ian Archbell, general manager of Positron Front Line.

More than 60 million citizens across the U.S. rely on the services of public safety organizations that Tiburon serves and more than 375 agencies have chosen the company due to the performance, scalability, reliability and interoperability of its technology solutions. Tiburon and Positron Front Line together now serve more than 500 agencies worldwide.

About Tiburon
Established in 1980, Tiburon is the industry-leading provider of automated public safety and security solutions to meet the demanding and complex needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue and corrections agencies. Tiburon offers fully integrated solutions including computer aided dispatch, records management, mobile data and communications, field reporting and corrections management solutions. From mission-critical conditions to daily operations, across complex multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional environments, Tiburon’s integrated solutions have set the industry standard for capability, scalability and reliability for more than 29 years. For more information, visit or call 800-428-5534.

About The Gores Group, LLC
Founded in 1987, The Gores Group, LLC is a private equity firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in mature and growing businesses which can benefit from the firm's operating experience and flexible capital base. The firm combines the operational expertise and detailed due diligence capabilities of a strategic buyer with the seasoned M&A team of a traditional financial buyer. The Gores Group, LLC has become a leading investor having demonstrated over time a reliable track record of creating substantial value in its portfolio companies alongside management. The firm's current private equity fund has committed equity capital of $1.7 billion. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, The Gores Group, LLC maintains offices in Boulder, Colorado and London. For more information, please visit

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