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Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire invests in Binder Lift to provide better care for patients

CODY, Wyo — Binder Lift, a patient lift and assist manufacture that specializes in preventing provider and patient injuries, secured a contract with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. “We are going on more and more medical calls”, states Lt. Chad Hirosky, “we are adjusting to provide better care for the patients we are entrusted to serve”. Hirosky – a 20-year veteran with the department – responded to a 911 call in 2017 that made him realize there had to be a better way to move patients. That’s when he researched the Binder Lift and brought the device to the safety committee that he sits on.

After a rigorous evaluation process that included looking at other lifting aids on the market, Binder Lift was the clear solution. With the increasing incidents of patient transfers, falls, and bariatric lifts it was apparent that the department couldn’t continue to risk hurting their patients by picking them up with a sheet or lifting them by their extremities. “I use the Binder Lift on nearly every shift now” said Hirsoky. “It’s not just for lift assist calls. I bring it in the house with me on nearly any call and use it to help the patient down stairs and leave it on them until they are on the stretcher”.

American society is getting both larger and older, which will only continue to increase Fire and EMS department’s patient lift and assist calls. Lifting patients is typically the most dangerous task a prehospital provider will perform on a typical shift. The Binder Lift changes this by attaching up to 25 handles to the patient’s torso. Without handles it is impossible for caregivers to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics. Improvised lifting techniques with sheets or soft stretcher will continue to put personnel at high risk of injury. Patients are routinely being hurt when lifted with these outdated practices. The Binder Lift is the most used and peer reviewed patient lifting device in EMS and is proven to make patient lifting safer, easier, and quicker.

Pittsburgh Fire Bureau has received the delivery of Binder Lifts and is bringing rollout plan into motion. With the new equipment the Bureau is continuing to strive to provide the best first responder service to the citizens it is entrusted in keeping safe and helping in their time of need.

About Binder Lift,
The first Binder Lift was created in 2012 by Dan Binder to prevent his wife’s back from getting injured while performing her duties as an EMT-I. Today, we still have the same core focus of providing a safer way to lift for all fire and EMS personnel. Our products are manufactured right here in the USA by R&B manufacturing in Oakwood, Ohio. We are a family operated business that keeps our family values in the business environment. Give us a call, we’d love to chat.