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Why the Doty Belt is the Ideal Lifting Device for First Responders & CERT

First Responders
With the obesity epidemic in the United States and abroad, First Responders go to thousands of Lift Assist calls a year. This tool gives first responders the ability to lift and assist a person in a safe, manageable and efficient way.

Firefighters also use the belt for:

  1. Rescue in tight places
  2. Removing a patient from a car
  3. Carrying down a narrow stair case
  4. Moving people with upper body injuries that need assistance walking
  5. Unconscious patients
  6. Burn victims
  7. Aiding the elderly to walk

Search and Rescue
When it comes time to rescue someone in a tight spot due to an earth quake or some other type of collapse, the Doty Belt aides you in removing those patients or victims in a safe and effective manner.

Physical Therapy
Patients that are going through physical therapy need that feeling of security while trying to walk again. A gait belt doesn’t give that feeling. If a patient begins to fall all the Gait Belt is doing is slipping up to their chest. The Doty Belt gives not only the patient the security they need, but the caregivers know that should the patient begin to fall, they have a tool that will aid them in not hurting their own backs.

Bariatric Patients
These obese patients put everyone at risk for hurting themselves. The Doty Belt Kit allows you to put two belts together so you now have handles all the way around that person. No more trying to grab onto the persons arms or legs to maneuver them onto a tarp or other device. Just knowing that you are holding onto handles that have been tested to 1500 lbs gives everyone involved the confidence that the patient is being moved in the safest manner possible.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)
CERT teams respond to emergencies and disasters throughout the United States. These community based individuals and teams can only carry so much gear. The Doty Belt is one of those light weight, compact, durable tools that fit in a CERT backpack that can truly make a difference in helping someone in need during a disaster.

Many Hospitals use a gait belt which don’t work to manage the patient and help save the backs of hospital workers. Moving patients from whatever situation that requires them to be moved, the Doty Belt aides those nurses and doctors in such a way that their backs will last them a long healthy career.

Care Facilities
Private homes, Health care and Assisted living facilities know it’s only a matter of time before their loved ones or tenants need to be lifted from ground, helped in the shower, moved from their mobility device or just walked around. The Doty Belt allows them to help in those situations without having to call 911 to come do the job.

The Military uses this device in VA Hospitals, office buildings and the battle field. Whether a patient needs assistance in the hospital and government building is hit with a disaster or a military personnel are injured on the battle field, the Doty Belt is their answer to their needs in today’s world.

Cruise Ships
The Cruise ship industry does not have the ability to call 911 when they are out to sea for a lift assist. The Doty Belt Kit or Wall Unit gives the employees that are medically trained, the tool they need to lift someone in a safe and effective manner.

Hotels and Offices
If a disaster strikes or the power is off in the building, access the elevators will be unavailable. Wheel chairs and battery operated scooters will not be able to be used. The Doty Belt Wall Kit will give you the tool you need to help a Friend, Family member or Co-worker get to safety fast and efficiently.

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