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Spotlight: PPE Software tracks, controls and manages PPE inventory

The program is designed to automate the way a fire department lowers total ownership costs for PPE

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PPE Software allows easy maintenance of PPE inventory with full NFPA 1851 compliance.

Company Name: PPE Software
Headquarters: St. Petersburg, FL
Signature Product: Bunker Gear Tracking Software

PPE Software recognizes the unique challenges associated with controlling PPE inventory. Developed by fire administrators for fire departments, the bunker gear tracking software allows fire departments to easily control and manage their inventory while ensuring full NFPA 1851 compliance.

1. Where did your company name originate from?

PPE Software was designed by fire service administrators to address specific needs. These include properly outfitting the firefighter and controlling all repair costs by implementing an efficient way to log and track NFPA 1851 compliance. PPE Software is the only program on the market designed to automate the way a fire department lowers total ownership costs for PPE.

2. What was the inspiration behind starting your company?

After unsuccessful attempts to manage an outdated record keeping system and a search for a better alternative, it became clear that tackling problems work best when design points came from a fire department PPE administrator. PPE Software was built to provide an efficient, automated solution to all the challenges of managing PPE.

3. What is your signature product and how does it work?

PPE Software offers seamless integration by giving your repair vendors secure access at no additional charge. This automates maintenance workflow and improves the benefits beyond tracking for compliance.

4. Why do you believe your products are essential to the Fire community?

Safety comes first. When firefighters are called to respond, they can be confident that PPE Software is helping to keep them safe with the best gear and maintenance the fire department can provide. Fiscal responsibility is an ongoing priority. Fire departments can demonstrate savings through PPE Software.

5. What has been the biggest challenge your company has faced?

Prospects often ask, “Why pay when I can use the manufacturers’ program for free?” The answer is straightforward. Free programs are not always built to provide the most practical solution. Service and support are not typically high priorities. Free programs do not offer as many choices. The fire department must be willing to compare the value of a tactical alternative to a strategic solution.
Or they ask, “My maintenance vendor handles compliance reporting, so why do I need yours?” PPE Software monitors vendor activity, provides complete control and transparency in an automated way that will save money. Maintenance vendors have not built a software system to do this. Vendors typically like the way PPE Software keeps control in the hands of the fire department. It helps them maintain customer satisfaction and improves the overall relationship.

6. What makes your company unique?

PPE Software uses the latest web-based technologies to provide up-to-date status on the important details about bunker gear, including cost of repairs for all managed items. PPE Software will improve repair decisions and help achieve NFPA 1851 compliance and OSHA requirements.
What do your customers like best about you and your products?
Customers benefit the most from the service and support. By being customer-driven, our software-as-a-service will continue to develop and grow in value. Each site is fully configured and highly customized to the needs of the fire department. Every customer receives the attention of a dedicated account management team to ensure success. Product support is easily accessible and the cloud-based service is always available.

7. What is the most rewarding part of serving the first responder community?

PPE Software is built to save time and money. The fire service faces operational challenges every day with the public expectation that emergency response is going to be there and do the best job no matter what. We know how much the fire department must now do more with less in order to meet the ever-increasing expectations.
Is there any fun fact or trivia that you’d like to share with our users about you or your company?
PPE Software is made up of a team of dedicated people who care deeply about service to those who protect our communities. PPE software co-founder, Ian Womack, is currently a division chief for St. Petersburg (Fla.) Fire Department.

8. What’s next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?

SCBA is on the roadmap for 2016. Beyond that, the strategic direction includes managing more assets in fire service that fit the service model built for PPE.