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Vanguard Safetywear announces partnership with Seawestern Firefighting Equipment

Expands access to firefighting gloves throughout the northwest & introduces wildland fire glove

AMBOY, IL — Vanguard Safetywear is proud to announce it is partnering with SeaWestern Firefighting Equipment based in Kirkland, Washington. The partnership will give greater access to our firefighting gloves for the thousands of firefighters in the northwest region.

“As the number of fire equipment distributors in the northwest is relatively very limited, this partnership gives Vanguard Safetywear a special opportunity and advantage to market and sell our gloves in the region,” said Vanguard Safety Wear CEO Andy Shapiro. “Firefighters performance will also benefit from the unique design features and proven advantages that our gloves afford.”

Vanguard Safetywear and SeaWestern are also pleased to announce that they will be introducing a new and unique wildland firefighting glove later this year. As these types of gloves are primarily important in the western U.S., our partnership with Seawestern will be particularly valuable for their introduction into the wildland fire service.

“Behind every bay door, every truck window, and answering the call each day are the most precious assets to the fire service, the responders,” said Andy. “Vanguard Safetywear and SeaWestern Firefighting Equipment is committed to providing the best protection every day. And now with this partnership we can keep even more firefighters safe.”

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