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AIRVAC 911 Engine Exhaust Removal System

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For a quarter century Air Vacuum Corporation’s dedicated team has been protecting first responders worldwide by automatically removing diesel carcinogens from fire stations and EMS facilities with its custom designed engine exhaust removal system, AIRVAC 911®.

AIRVAC 911® is the most effective and efficient exhaust removal system available. No building modifications, no hoses and no vehicle attachments. That means no interference with your daily operations or emergency response time. A sophisticated UL certified “Smart Timer” control panel automatically activates the AIRVAC 911® system so that particulate and gases are constantly removed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s no wonder our system is preferred by stations worldwide.

Fact: According to OSHA, prolonged, uncontrolled exposure to diesel exhaust and diesel particulate matter can increase the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and respiratory disease*. Control the spread of hazardous contaminants in your station with AIRVAC 911®.

Benefits for Fire Departments:

  • Protects 100% of the bay area(s)
  • Eliminates Hot Zones within your station
  • Removes off-gassing of turnout gear, hoses and parked vehicles
  • No hoses, hook-ups or vehicle connections
  • No building modifications, no ducting and
  • No outside exhausting
  • 100% automatic
  • Only system to remove engine exhaust that re-enters the building
  • Half the cost of hose systems
  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • Energy efficient LEED/green design
  • Most comprehensive warranty in the industry

Benefits for EMS Facilities:
The same benefits as fire departments, plus:

  • Maintains building temperature to protect sensitive medical equipment
  • Provides a clean, safe environment for workers and patients
  • Eliminates particulate residue or contaminants
  • on medical equipment
  • Flexible – vehicles may park in any bay
  • Installs easily in low and high ceiling areas

In my opinion, these are the best by far for safety concerns about the air in the fire hall bays.
– City of Chattanooga Fire Department, TN

Continuously filter the air and eliminate dead spots of exhaust. The AIRVAC 911® system is built on our proprietary “Coanda Design” which allows for 360-degree vertical and horizontal air movement throughout the entire bay area. In head-to-head comparisons with unidirectional air cleaners, AIRVAC 911® cleans more air at a faster and more efficient rate. Eliminates “Engine Exhaust Backwash” and Hot Zones
AIRVAC 911® removes engine exhaust that re-enters the station when vehicles depart and return.
It also addresses the entire apparatus area and contaminant Hot Zones regardless of parking configuration,
vehicle quantity and the type of vehicle.

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