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New Medium Struts: Essential in Accommodating Rescue Engines from Junkyard Dog Industries

In addition to a recent name change for both the Small and Large rescue struts, JYD now introduces the NEW Medium struts. With the rating continuing to be tested at OVER 10,000 pounds - with a 2 to 1 safety factor working load rating at 5,000 pounds, the size of the Medium struts fit a void between the small and large strut. The structure of the medium strut was inspired by the lack of room for the current Large STRUTs on rescue engines. Using this as motivation, we found that the design of the new Medium STRUT is essential in accommodating rescue engines. Testing showed that similar operations of the Small and Large Strut could be accomplished by the Medium sized strut. For More Information on the medium XTEND and ZSTRUT visit: