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Spotlight: Safety Vision’s mobile surveillance solutions combine the latest tech with the sharpest images

Founder and CEO Bruce Smith had some insight into the ever-changing world of mobile surveillance


Company: Safety Vision
Headquarters: Houston, TX
Signature Product: The Observer 4112 Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR)

Bruce Smith has been a Houston, Texas-based entrepreneur since 1993 – the year he formed Safety Vision to distribute rear-view video camera equipment for mobile fleet clientele. In the intervening years, Bruce has guided the company’s growth from a one-man outfit operating out of an apartment office, to a thriving enterprise operating out of multiple offices nationwide, as well as an extended branch in Latin America. The company’s product suite has grown as well to include onboard surveillance recording solutions, enhancing safety and security for public and private fleets worldwide.

Q&A Questions:

1. What makes your company different from the competition?

Something that separates Safety Vision from the competition is how long we’ve been in the business. In over 25 years, we’ve seen the trials and tribulations of the industry, and have a better sense of how to handle the ebbs and flows. Experience matters, and by collaborating with fire truck manufacturers and firefighters over the years, we’ve been able to refine our solutions to meet the industry’s demands. Our proven technology can accommodate any apparatus – we provide vision enhancement solutions for pumpers, ladder trucks, tankers, ARFF trucks and tillers. Another thing that sets us apart is our all-in-one service. We have our inventory, warehouse, tech support, product developers and salespeople all in one facility communicating with each other every day.

2. Tell us about your company’s focus?

I started this company with a vision to improve community safety by working with industry leaders to promote safer driving practices with the help of mobile cameras. The security that mobile surveillance provides not only enhances the driver’s safety, but the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other people on the road. Staying up-to-date on the latest technology available has helped us grow and branch out into multiple industries over the years. With new advancements in technology, like our open-platform solution that allows multiple industries to operate on a single platform, we’re able to constantly evolve and expand what we have to offer. We like to always be thinking ahead of what more we can do to protect communities as a whole when it comes to safety and security on the road.

3. How do you see your company’s future in terms of economy, sales, technology and product evolution?

With our new open platform technology, we predict a steady growth in revenue in the near future. This ground-breaking technology allows city-wide integration and makes mobile video more convenient and accessible than ever before. We are confident that staying one step ahead of our competitors and bringing innovative open platform solutions to the market will drastically increase our opportunities in this industry.

4. What are your challenges in this industry?

A challenge we face in the fire industry is funding, as well as ensuring our products and services align with customers’ budgetary needs. We feel that safety should be obtainable for everyone, so we focus on creating budget-friendly solutions you can invest in long term that won’t break the bank. Continuing to be conscious of the fire industry’s unique needs has helped us overcome this challenge and be of service to more people.

5. To what do you attribute your company’s success?

Being the single owner of a company and growing a business from the ground up creates a strong bond between you and your work. So, passing that on by bringing highly passionate and innovative people into the company sets up a successful work atmosphere. I think one thing that has helped carry us through all these years is employing people who genuinely care about what they are doing and the safety of those we help. Knowing you have a direct effect and seeing that you’re helping make a change for the better is a rewarding feeling, and I’m proud that we can continue to make a difference.

7. How can our readers reach you?

You can contact us by email at or at our website, We also have a customer support team available to take your call at any time during work hours at 800-851-4038.