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Axon supports first responders with video series on post traumatic growth

Axon Aid to offer five-phase video program at no cost to first responders

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Axon, a global public safety technology leader, announced the launch of a new video resource that focuses on building trust and connection to support first responders in transitioning their post traumatic stress to growth. The five-phase program is now available on the Axon Aid website at no cost to first responders. Axon Aid is the company’s philanthropic arm.

The latest video resource in the Axon Aid wellness program was developed by the Boulder Crest Foundation, a nonprofit committed to improving the overall well-being of veterans, first responders and their family members. The Post Traumatic Growth First Responder Initiative is exclusively sponsored by FirstNet®, Built with AT&T. Post traumatic growth is a process that first responders can engage with to experience positive psychological changes and personal growth following a significant life crisis or traumatic event. It is an empowering concept that recognizes that individuals can experience positive transformation and resilience in the aftermath of adversity.

“First responders and those who have sworn to protect our communities sit at the center of everything we do at Axon,” said Isabella Giannini, Axon Director of Customer Loyalty. “Beyond our products and services, we constantly look for ways to support those who put their lives on the line every day. Axon Aid has delivered mental health and wellness resources to over 500,000 first responders and their families, and this latest launch represents our continued focus to meet their increasing needs. By continuing the initiatives of Axon Aid, we can bring to light the need for a more open dialogue on the importance of mental health for first responders, so they can continue their journey in serving and protecting our communities, while keeping their well-being a priority.”

This post-traumatic growth segment provides five experiential phases, which are broken out into viewable segments, including:

  • Education to help normalize experiences and educate about post traumatic growth theories and practices;
  • Regulation of thoughts, feelings and actions to metabolize stress and better navigate with the right wellness practices and support systems;
  • Disclosure to assist in surfacing difficult discussions associated with trauma experiences;
  • Narrative development to help first responders integrate their trauma into a forward-looking story that fosters growth;
  • And finally, a component that recognizes that past experiences can help for the future in enriching the lives of others through service.

“We are thrilled to work with the Axon Aid team to bring this new resource to even more first responders,” said Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, Director, First Responder Wellness at FirstNet. “We share a common commitment with Axon to identify resources for first responders that will support and help them thrive in their already demanding roles. By presenting this content with Axon, we hope to make it even more easily accessible to as many individuals as possible, ultimately contributing to their overall health and wellness.”

About Axon Aid

Axon Aid’s wellness programs offer innovative resources and initiatives to address the mental health challenges faced by the public safety sector. These resources cover topics including training for mental resiliency, establishing peer support teams, building wellness programs, and sharing real-world stories and science designed to educate and prepare public safety families for the realities of the profession’s impact on mental health.

In addition to wellness, Axon Aid’s two additional focus areas are emergency response and charitable giving.

  • Emergency response: Following natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes, it can be difficult for a city to gain visibility into exactly where the damage has occurred and what fixes are needed to get infrastructure back up and running. In some cases post-disaster, this can also include the need for critical search and rescue. One of Axon Aid’s major efforts is to deploy emergency response teams to cities after large-scale disasters, leveraging Axon technology at the discretion of the city and first responders. We deploy these teams at no cost to citizens or agencies.
  • Charitable giving: Additionally, Axon Aid provides cash donations, including through a Fallen Officer Fund that directly supports the families of fallen officers, and also hosts employee charity events throughout the year to promote volunteerism and community support.

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About Axon

Axon is the technology leader in global public safety. Our moonshot goal is to cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% before 2033. Axon is building the public safety operating system of the future by integrating a suite of hardware devices and cloud software solutions that lead modern policing. Axon’s suite includes TASER energy devices, body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, cloud-hosted digital evidence management solutions, productivity software and real-time operations capabilities. Axon’s growing global customer base includes first responders across international, federal, state and local law enforcement, fire, corrections and emergency medical services, as well as the justice sector, commercial enterprises and consumers.

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