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New Innovation for Fire and First Responders, from Lap Belt Cinch

Revolutionary, inexpensive device enhances driver control, comfort, and safety

Now available: The CG-LOCK®

WILMINGTON, DE – Testing has proven the CG-Lock offers first responders an inexpensive, easy-to-use way to ride more comfortably, respond faster and more safely, and reduce injury in the event of an impact or rollover. “The CG-Lock improves driver control in personal vehicles as well as medical, fire, and rescue equipment” says Chuck Carter, CEO of Lap Belt Cinch, manufacturer of the CG-Lock.

The CG-Lock has benefited racing enthusiasts for years, giving them the advantage of a stable ‘Center of Gravity’ so they can focus on driving and not on keeping themselves from sliding off-center in their seat. For the first responders, the CG-Lock provides:

—The control & stability of a racing harness when needed – without the hassles
—Fewer accidents due to better stability, vehicle control, and feedback
—Enhanced safety (injury reduction) in forward and lateral impacts, and in rollovers
—Greater comfort all day long when sitting or cruising
—No belt entanglement - Very low cost - Installs in minutes - Crash tested

The CG-Lock easily clips on to your personal car’s or equipment’s existing seatbelt. A slightly tightened lap belt holds the spine against the lumbar support of the seat, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue. When responding, a simple pull on the shoulder harness tightens the lap belt racing harness tight, and provides significant car control improvements. The shoulder harness is unaffected, yet safety and comfort are enhanced. Price is $41.95 (plus shipping; less for multiple orders). Go to and use Coupon Code FireRescue for a $5.00 discount. Full money back guarantee!