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Seats Incorporated Releases All-New Line of Emergency Vehicle Seating: the AdvocateTM Series

FDIC 2018 proved to be an eventful one for Seats Incorporated, as it marked the release of a new, game-changing product into the emergency vehicle market. The Advocate™ series of seating is a ground-up redesign, packed with features to enhance safety and comfort. Built on three foundational pillars; cleanability, versatility, and serviceability, this seat is in a league of its own.

CLEANABILITY - FusionFoam™ technology, a coverless cushion patent pending by Seats Incorporated, is one of the defining features of the Advocate series. The chemicals that make up FusionFoam bond in such a way, that the need for a cover is optional. In eliminating a cushion cover, the end user no longer needs to be concerned with cleaning seam lines, or debris that may seep through the seams. To make the decon process even more user-friendly, the FusionFoam cushions can be removed tool-free; this allows the cushions to be easily taken from the seat and cleaned in a bucket of soapy water, for example. The Advocate seat frame is also ready to accept a traditional foam cushion with sewn covers, for those who prefer.

VERSATILITY - The Advocate’s Slide-Fit System tops the list of versatility features built into this seat. Different from a traditional recline, this feature allows the occupant to change the rake of the seat back without requiring additional room behind the seat to operate. The forward-sliding motion of the Slide-Fit System also allows the occupant to move their tailbone away from their SCBA; perhaps the largest point of discomfort in the crew seating area.

SERVICEABILITY - The modularity of this seat not only makes it highly versatile, but extremely easy to service as well. Tool-free cushion removal, tool-free occupant switch replacement, simple SCBA/Non-SCBA conversion, and common service components throughout the series help take the work out of seat maintenance.

“The innovative culture that’s evolved within the group working on this seat is phenomenal; collaboration and idea sharing have certainly been key ingredients in the success of this project so far. It’s exciting to know this is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s a lot more to come from Seats Incorporated”, explains Divisional Manager Joe Brey.

Cleanability, versatility, and serviceability; the Advocate series of seats addresses the needs of today’s firefighters and those of generations to come. The world of seating has forever changed.

About 911 Seats Incorporated

Seats Incorporated is a Wisconsin corporation that designs, manufactures and markets seating and accessories for operators of vehicles with wheels or tracks. W. R. Sauey, Chairman of the Nordic Group of Companies, founded the Company in 1952 as a manufacturer of seats for lift trucks. Seats Incorporated is now one of the most diverse seating manufacturers in the nation with products that are used in a wide variety of applications including: industrial trucks, over-the-highway semi-tractors, off-highway equipment, earth moving equipment, military vehicles and emergency vehicles. Seats Incorporated is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies.