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Southeastern Emergency Equipment Announces New Catalog

Wake Forest, NC - Carla J. Baker, NREMT-P and President of Southeastern Emergency Equipment, has unveiled their new product catalog. With more than twice the products of their previous catalog, the new Southeastern Emergency Equipment Catalog truly offers a full-line ranging from EMS equipment and supplies to WMD/MCI products and trailers to emergency vehicles.

“Tradition is very important to us,” says Baker, “yet innovation is what keeps the emergency equipment industry moving forward. Striking that balance has enabled us to serve our customers for over 30 years. It was that pursuit of innovation and customer convenience that lead us to produce our new catalog.”

Southeastern Emergency Equipment employees pride themselves on providing quality medical supplies while consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations with an exceptional level of service. They understand that when it comes to having the knowledge and supplies to save lives, customers want to be comforted knowing that they are doing business with a company that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.

“Southeastern Emergency Equipment’s #1 priority has always been, and will always be, customer satisfaction. We believe our new catalog will continue and expand on that tradition!” said Baker.

To order a catalog, please call 800-334-6656 or visit .

About Southeastern Emergency Equipment
Southeastern Emergency Equipment is a privately owned business that was founded in 1979. Throughout the years, Southeastern has evolved into an international distributor of emergency medical equipment and supplies. Thanks to their dedicated team, SEE is now a full-line distributor with a support and sales team that focuses on premium services before and after the sale. Over the past few years Southeastern has implemented a comprehensive training and education department to better serve the educational needs of its customers and the community. For more information about SEE and its products, or to register for one of its AHA classes or CECBEMS-approved courses, visit .