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TIREBALLS ‘Run – Flat’ Tire Protection System for Off Road Rescue Now Available through Emergency Equipment

CINCINNATI, OH - The TIRE BALL® Company and ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT are pleased to announce this proven technology is available for distribution to all public and private emergency responders. Now, Fire / Rescue / EMS / EMA / SAR and Law Enforcement agencies can benefit from the same advantage off road racers and special warfare operators have enjoyed for years. With TIREBALLS added to your off road response vehicle or trailer, your tires are virtually flat-proof.


Tires containing TIREBALLS protection system use a multiple air cell design which allows puncturing of several air cells without total loss of tire pressure. As hazards are encountered, air cells are individually deflated, and the remaining air cells expand to fill the void. As a result, off road responders can safely continue emergency operations without stopping to repair a flat.

The system safely allows your off road vehicles to run with lower inflation pressure. Lower air pressure results in expanding your tire’s contact patch, improves off road traction, and produces increased acceleration with shorter braking distances.

TIREBALLS also virtually eliminates tire sidewall instability. By acting as an inner bead lock, even at reduced tire pressure the multiple air cell design exerts internal pressure on sidewalls holding the tire bead in place. This prevents the “rollover effect” that frequently occurs in under inflated tires during emergency off road operations.

TIREBALLS protection system produces an enhanced suspension effect. When a tire encounters an obstacle, air pressure is progressively increased at the point of contact as the multiple air cells are compressed. This produces a smoother ride, avoiding the “bounce effect” and protects your rims from sustaining severe impact damage.

Tires containing TIREBALLS protection system allows emergency responders to safely accomplish the mission and return to base where repairs are made before the next run.