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Wheeled Coach Salutes The Tireless Disaster Relief Efforts Of The American Red Cross

Wheeled Coach salutes the tireless disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross. Since 1998, Wheeled Coach has been the exclusive suppliers of the ERV (Emergency Relief Vehicle) to the American National Red Cross and many of its independent chapters. The ERV fleet is the backbone of mobility that allows the agency’s volunteers and staff to deploy at wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and other catastrophic events across the USA.

In late July, volunteers from 25 American Red Cross chapters picked up new emergency relief vehicles (ERVs) from Wheeled Coach in Orlando, Florida. After all making the trip home, most were returned to Florida just two weeks later to support the massive relief effort for Huricanes Charley. After Hurricance Frances pounded the Florida peninsula just three weeks later, more ERVs were dispatched in what is now said to be the largest disaster relief deployment in US history.

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