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WaterShield’s New VSB Tornado


Arvada, CO - WaterShield is proud to introduce the VSB Tornado F2 1.5" Shut Off Valve. The VSB Tornado by S&H Products is a revolutionary adjustable solid stream nozzle with smoothbore performance that allows you to change GPM volume without stopping to change tips. Crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum with a heavy duty cast aluminum handle, WaterShield shut-off valves are ultra lightweight and durable. Built to US Forest Service Standards (FSS) these valves are certified at 600 psi working pressure and stagnant pressure ratings of 1,200 psi. Polymer ball and seating reduces friction while operating under pressure. This product is made in the U.S.A.

About WaterShield

A leading-edge product development company specializing in innovative nozzle design and related firefighting equipment. The company’s primary focus is on new nozzle designs that empower safety and firefighting professionals with more control and flexibility. WaterShield currently holds several patents and pending patent applications for its designs.