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Upgrade your sleep: 10 Amazon President’s Day deals for quality rest

Better sleep is the best first responder countermeasure to shift work and fatigue

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By Lifestyle Staff

Better sleep is not just a matter of personal health. Plentiful and high-quality rest is a a critical component of operational readiness and performance for first responders.

Improved sleep can help your brain sort and resolve the day-to-day stress of working in public safety, aid your body’s recovery from physical exertion of the work and prepare your brain to perceive risks and make sound judgments when you return to duty. Waking up refreshed and restored can also strengthen your off-the-job relationships with friends and family.

Amazon has hundreds of products on sale this President’s Day weekend, including these featured deals to upgrade your sleep.

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1. Mattresses

Nothing beats crawling into your bed after a long day, especially when you have a quality mattress to collapse into. There are many options to consider: Firm? Soft? A cooling mattress topper?


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2. Sheets

Want to avoid waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Look for sheets that are made with 100% cotton, which are more breathable and won’t trap your body heat.



3. Pillows

A lumpy pillow can cause hours of sleepless tossing and turning. Check out this deal on pillows that require zero fluffing and elevate your Zs.



4. Fan

Whether coveted for the air movement or the white noise effect, a fan can make or break many people’s ability to achieve a quality night’s sleep. Look for one that offers variable settings; some even include a remote for easier use.



5. Alarm clock

A sunrise alarm is a great way to tap into your body’s natural waking abilities through light. Though not for everyone, a sunrise alarm clock mimics the slow transition from night to day, giving your body and mind an opportunity to gently warm up, instead of being jolted into consciousness. This type of alarm is a good choice for shift workers, as you can reap the benefits of a sunrise even if your day starts at 3 a.m.

6. Sleep tracker



Keep on top of your daily sleeping habits with a sleep tracker. Becoming aware of your sleeping patterns will help you identify bad habits that trigger a difficult night’s sleep.

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7. Sleep mask

As a first responder, you may be crawling into bed just as the sun rises, making it difficult to fall asleep. A sleep mask can help block out the light from those early morning rays.



8. Heated mattress pad

Maybe a fan isn’t what you need, but a heater instead. Check out this heated mattress pad for those cold nights to help you drift off to sleep in a warm cocoon.

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9. White noise machine

Can’t sleep without at least a little background noise? Consider a white noise machine to help drown out ambient sounds.



10. Weighted blanket

The slight pressure of a weighted blanket is said to help many release their anxiety from the day and fall asleep easier.