Mass. firefighter family ends their 63 year legacy

Louis "Butch" Chagnon and Michael Chagnon served on the Somerset Fire Department for a combined total of 63 years

By Michael Holtzman
The Herald News

SOMERSET, Mass. — The number of years was 63 that father and son, Louis "Butch" Chagnon and Michael Chagnon served on the Somerset Fire Department.

It included a decade they served together answering the call on fires and medical emergencies, it was announced during a brief recognition by the Board of Selectmen for the retiring son.

"The town is losing someone very talented and very dedicated," Chairman Steven Moniz said before he and the board asked Michael Gagnon to step up and receive a certificate of recognition "for your 32 years of dedicated service."

"We wish to convey our heart-felt appreciation for your long-time service ... Your years of service have been marked by exemplary and dedicated effort, and have earned you the respect of all ages," said the certificate.

Fire Chief Scott Jepson, accompanied by Deputy Chief Paul Paquette and several other firefighters, said he served with both Chagnons during his 25 years on the force, responding to thousands and thousands of fire calls with them.

He remarked on an extra talent of Michael Chagnon's appreciated by many: his abilities as a cook. He also expressed satisfaction the firefighter could enjoy retirement in good health.

Butch Chagnon smiled proudly during the show of support, filming the brief festivities for his son that included some laughs.

Moniz also said people "don't really know" the importance of their fire department until they need them in an emergency as he has experienced. "You do your job without question," he said.

The three selectmen praised the skill, quality and dedication of their department.

The citation the board presented wished success and happiness to Chagnon and his family, which includes his, wife, Lisa, and their children Holly and Chris. The couple lives in Dighton, their son in Somerset and their daughter in Dighton.

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