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Firefighter-paramedic creates human trafficking training for responders

Matthew Driscoll used his extra time while on light duty after an injury to create training that would help responders recognize signs of trafficking victims


By FireRescue1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — A firefighter-paramedic was named employee of the month after creating human trafficking training for first responders.

Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Las Vegas Fire Department firefighter-paramedic Matthew Driscoll used his extra time while on light duty after an injury to create a program that would help responders, as well as social workers and hospital employees, recognize signs of trafficking victims.

“From the field to the emergency room, that’s where we’re losing those patients,” Driscoll said.

Responders from several different departments have now taken Driscoll’s training, which he said focuses on an ultimate goal of immediately separating the victim and the trafficker.

The Las Vegas City Council recently named Driscoll the city’s employee of the month for his efforts.

Driscoll now works with iEmpathize, an organization that works to eradicate sex trafficking, and he is also partnering with the University of Southern California to create a national “train the trainers” curriculum based on his program.

“The goal is to build a curriculum we could drop at any fire department in the country,” Driscoll said.

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