What firefighting skill are you trying to get better at?

There are many skill sets to keep sharp in order to be a successful firefighter; here's some skills our readers are working on improving

As firefighters, we are constantly training and seeking to improve our ever-changing craft. Some skill requirements change and others are seldom-used and forgotten.

Yet, firefighters need to keep sharp on their many skill sets in order to be a successful firefighter. To get an idea of what our firefighting community needs to work on, we asked our Facebook fans what firefighting skill they're trying to get better at. Here are some of their responses.

And if you haven't already, sound off in the comment section below.

1."Training new firefighters." — Tim Ackerman

2."Ropes and knots." — Terry Van Sickle

3."Ladder work." — Scott Dunnan

4."Swift-water rescue." — Pieter Kidson

5."RIT." — Robert Vanvranken

6."Search and rescue." — Robert Orr

7."Dealing with the general public." — David Reynolds

8."Vehicle rescue." — Matt Mundis

9."Patience." — Matthew Peterson

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