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Okla. FDs mix members in competitive games to build relationships

Teams in the Garfield County Firefighter Games are firefighters from different departments working together

By Tanner Holubar
Enid News & Eagle

GARFIELD COUNTY, Okla. — The second annual Garfield County Firefighter Games took place on Friday and featured firefighters competing with one another in various competitions.

There were around 38 participants, which Enid Fire Department Chief Jason Currier said was a larger turnout than last year.

This year’s event took place alongside First Friday and a carnival, as downtown Enid was abuzz with a variety of activities for families to take part in. The Firefighter Games were not meant to test anybody’s ability or to determine a winner, but to create an atmosphere of fun and games, and allowing the firefighters from different departments to get to know one another better. The competitors were split up into different teams, and no department was competing against another.

Currier said it was exciting to see a large crowd turn out for the second annual event, as this year’s event took place on Broadway in between the post office and the courthouse. Last year’s event was held closer to Stride Bank Center and with it being the first of its kind in Enid there were some logistics to work out, which allowed this year’s event to include more competitors. It also included equipment constructed by EFD after borrowing equipment for last year’s event.

“I’m really excited. When we first got out here setting up and everything, not everybody was off work yet, the crowd was a little thin, and a lot of participants hadn’t shown up yet,” Currier said. “We’ve got a pretty decent crowd out here, the weather’s good and we’re having fun.”

Caden Abbott , a cadet training to join the EFD on a regular shift, said the Firefighter Games served as a good way for the participants to have a good time and get to know firefighters in other departments, which will help down the road when the departments respond to the same fire in Garfield County , allowing them to already have a good working relationship with their peers.

“It’s pretty awesome, I think this is only our second one,” Abbott said. “But it just brings everybody together and creates some camaraderie and let’s you build some friendships. You’re going to be working with those guys at some point I’m sure, so it just allows you to know them, build some friendships and have some fun.”

He said it also was enjoyable to see several people from the public taking in the Firefighter Games and providing an entertaining atmosphere for kids.

“It feels good. There’s a bunch of people out here and everybody’s smiling, laughing and having a good time. Kids are getting high fives, and I know when I was a kid, it was awesome to look up to some firefighters and I’m sure they feel the same way,” Abbott said. “I think it’s great; it’s a great look and a great thing to take part in.”


Holubar is a reporter for the Enid News & Eagle .

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