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Legacy, vigilance and cohesiveness

Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness

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In this special crossover episode of the Better Every Shift, Policing Matters and Inside EMS podcasts, co-hosts Aaron Zamzow, Jim Dudley and Chris Cebollero discuss preserving the legacy of 9/11 responders and how to assess our readiness to respond to a large-scale MCI in our communities.

The hosts talk technology trends that we could (and should!) use to improve the security of citizens and first responders, from license plate readers to crime-mapping, facial recognition, drone surveillance and AI, plus all this:

  • Keeping the 9/11 legacy alive with new generations
  • How awareness of occupational cancer and mental health concerns is more prevalent today
  • Community preparedness and incident command
  • 9/11-related illness and its continued impact and devastation today
  • How AI can contribute to the security of citizens and first responders
  • The importance of information sharing and security

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Read more reflections, tips for processing and lessons for training to respond to MCIs in our 9/11 coverage, sponsored by Verizon.

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