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NY firefighter proposes during training drill

Members of the Barneveld Fire Department helped Lt. Kelby Ueltschi propose to fellow firefighter Becca Pelletier during a special training drill

By FireRescue1 Staff

BARNEVELD, N.Y. — The Barneveld Fire Department hosted a training drill to help one of their firefighters propose to his girlfriend, a fellow firefighter.

FOX 35 reported that during an April 1 drill, Lt. Kelby Ueltschi enlisted the help of other firefighters to propose to his girlfriend, firefighter Becca Pelletier.[0]=68.ARANKSKos9_U4ThFfauHS7bPbrgkqeH7X1uhnMH8Xo03YPfjcCL3G7fcK_HmGR8Lmruz7Fn-jg1bGLNcc8xN_lkPBDO3U5rj4uXt3qCAQ2U2Cex-bjAdXZzjsrPIm2vgRkoC4RgK3fv5uGWvHh78iAhU2f1YPNDZYYzU1dT_xtRXyxMgKEb9EbuE17R5M8KQ-uHPZPuyqKsHqFAopi7JWLqoiDIy5I9i4CaPKR3K1QgQgpB3SpIcyHmu1MsOeZrNF5yvYorhTqA6Voy4wJytpaJXOIU_lv8UIdGgaQ8fy22I4TCmFNGPDQNoDp1MMajv3kfV3sNXEXtKeUH3hQQjIwmX5Q&__tn__=-R

As Pelletier finished the drill, she turned around to find Ueltschi on one knee, with two firefighters holding a stretch of hose with the words, “Will you marry me?”

“Our fire department is like a big family and we were excited that we could assist with the proposal,” a Facebook post from the BFD read. “Congratulations and best wishes to Becca and Lieutenant Kelby Ueltschi.”

The BFD also posted a video of the proposal on social media, which captured the touching moment.

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