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Susanne Nasr Fischer

Susanne Nasr Fischer is a German journalist with a strong passion for the Middle East. Before she started working as Regional Director Middle East and North Africa for the international nonprofit Internews, she lived five years in Iraq and eight years in Lebanon. Her Lebanese husband is from Damour, one of the towns that lost a firefighter in the explosion, and his late uncle served at the Karantina Fire Department as a firefighter for 45 years. At his funeral in 2014, Nasr met many firefighters from Beirut, and when she heard about the destiny of Platoon Five, she set up the fundraiser with her husband to raise support for the families. Nasr, who has a degree in political science and journalism, authored five books, two of them about Iraq.

Remembering the brave 10 in their final moments and reflecting on the impact of their loss