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PolyCotton Uniforms Station: A cost-efficient station wear alternative

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A polyester/cotton blend produces garments that are both comfortable and durable to withstand long days on the job.

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Many departments across the nation don’t require FR-certified station wear. Polyester/cotton uniforms are a viable alternative due to the fabric blend alone. Polyester is a synthetic fabric is known for its durability in color fastness and wrinkle resistance. Cotton is a natural fabric known for its breathability, comfort and fire retardancy. This fabric blend produces garments that are both comfortable and durable to withstand long days on the job.

It is, however, important to note that the pros and cons are dependent on the amount of each in the fabric. You may experience more benefits of polyester in a 65/35 blend than say you would in 50/50 fabric blend.

Stretch poly/cotton uniforms

Just like in any industry, there are evolution and technological advances. When it comes to uniforms, stretch is the next best thing. As consumers, we often have similar purchasing habits in our personal lives that we do for our jobs, especially in the apparel world. The one thing we’re big on is comfort; the addition of stretch uniforms allows for increased comfort in your daily wear. This provides more mobility for simple tasks, such as climbing in and out of a vehicle or bending and squatting, and allows you to move freely and efficiently while working in hot environments.

The blend of polyester and cotton ensures uniforms are comfortable to wear while also offering longevity. This blend is designed to be low maintenance and convenient; they won’t require frequent ironing to maintain a clean, professional appearance while granting you time back in your daily routine.

Poly/Cotton Stretch uniforms aren’t limited to functional benefits but provide financial incentives as well. Traditional aramids, such as Nomex, are expensive and often hard to come by. Poly/cotton blends are more cost-efficient and typically offer a wider selection of styles and colors.

FX S.T.A.T. Station wear

FX S.T.AT. Station Wear by Flying Cross encompasses all of the attributes described above. As an industry leader in uniform development, Flying Cross’ poly/cotton station wear boasts a host of added benefits. Uniforms are built with a lightweight 5.8-ounce mini-ripstop fabric for added comfort and durability to withstand the rigors of the job. It also features technical enhancements such as mesh gussets for added breathability and range of motion. These uniforms also come in a variety of styles, including shirts and pants with multiple pocket configurations, allowing firefighters to customize their station wear to suit their individual needs. This line also includes a hybrid polo option which features 37.5 Technology, which uses evaporation to regulate body temperatures. FX S.T.A.T. station wear is available for both men and women in a variety of colors.

Certified FR Apparel

The Flying Cross brand also offers FR Certified station wear, that being Nomex and Cross FR which is a tri-certified (NFPA 1975, NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E) offering. To learn more about Flying Cross’ station wear or outerwear offerings click here.