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Top 5 firefighter close call videos of 2015

Check out the top close-call clips of the year

An aerial ladder striking a Chicago firefighter on a roof and live power line falling on a fire captain are included in the top video close calls of 2015. The videos also include firefighters narrowly escaping a collapse and a firefighter catching on fire while battling a house fire.

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Aerial ladder strikes Chicago firefighter on roof

The firefighter was thrown against a wall and his helmet fell off; part of a chimney was also knocked loose and fell.

Live power line falls on fire captain

San Bernadino Fire Captain Greg Gallagher was struck in the helmet by a power line line, but thankfully did not suffer any injury.

Firefighter narrowly escapes collapse

The firefighter exited the building just in time before the roof collapsed. No injuries were reported.

Dallas firefighter catches fire battling blaze

A colleague, who was right behind him, patted him down; they continued to fight the blaze.

Close call: Collapse at house fire

The collapse occurs at 1:57 and gets the attention of the lone firefighter on that side of the burning home.