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Jason Poremba

Close Calls on Camera

Jason T. Poremba is the owner and creator of His ‘Close Calls on Camera’ section on FR1 won Best Regularly Featured Web column/Trade category in the 2009 Maggie Awards, which honors the region’s best publications and Web sites. Jason is a 14-year member and captain in an engine company of a volunteer fire department in New York. His specialty training includes rapid intervention, firefighter survival and engine company operations. He has developed a way to train firefighters via the Web in the dangers of firefighter close calls, and dangerous training and firefighting procedures.

Proper training and understanding of the Halligan will make forcing the door faster and easier
Follow these steps to keep your crew safe at vehicle fires
Proper attitude, angle of attack and protective gear are some of the ways to make safe and successful vehicle fire attacks
Ubiquitous in cities with older buildings, exterior fire escapes are often accidents waiting to happen
Be sure to completely remove air conditioners, bars and gates, and glass and sashes to ensure fast egress from windows
Knowing vehicle type, location, exposures and environmental conditions helps position apparatus for better safety and effectiveness
Continual size up and adherence to safe practices are key to successful roof operations
It is easy to take overhaul lightly; it is also an easy way to get hurt
While on an emergency scene with a potential for collapse, we must clearly define and establish a collapse zone for all structures and parapets walls
The firefighters in the following video are punished for not following the basics