Ohio firefighter's legs amputated after being crushed by tankers

Firefighter Josef Tadijanac remains in intensive care after June 24 incident and June 28 amputation

MANSFIELD, Ohio — An Ohio volunteer firefighter whose legs were crushed between two fire trucks has had both legs amputated above the knee.

Firefighter Josef Tadijanac, 45, remains in intensive care after the June 24 incident and the June 28 amputation, according to the News Journal.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

"So what happened in this situation is the pumper truck was left in gear with the air brake on while the firefighter was engaging the pump," Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. Mike Roth said. "When you engage the pump you have to increase the RPMs to get the right PSI for the nozzle pressure. When they did that, it caused it the pumper to lurch forward because it was still in gear."

Because he is heavily sedated, he does not know he's lost his legs, said neighbor Peggy Stoughton, who started a card drive for Firefighter Tadijanac. "We've known him for years.

"He is such an active guy. The neighbor lady had a mailbox ran over, and he went over and fixed it. That's just what he does."

"He'll probably be in ICU another week and a half," she added. "His fiance, Andrea, hasn't left his side. His mother and father are by his side every day."

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