4 tips for EMS agencies to secure AFG funding

AFG funding has shifted to include EMS, and here are some ways to make your application stand out

Since 2001, the Assistance to Firefighter Grant has helped firefighters and other first responders obtain critically needed equipment, protective gear, vehicles, training and other resources to protect the public and emergency personnel from fire and related hazards.

Over the last couple of years the grant has shifted to include specific funding for EMS agencies as well. As this is one of the most competitive grants in the country, your agency must set itself apart from the thousands of other applicants to secure funding.

Here on four tips on how to craft a strong application.

1. Time pays off

Make your application a high priority and devote the time and energy necessary to tell your agency’s story.

2. Focus on safety

Focus on how your project enhances the safety and effectiveness of your providers, and demonstrate this in the application. Explain how enhancing EMS also enhances all of public safety.

3. Do your homework

Read and reread the application, guidelines, and all resources that FEMA provides. You don’t want your request to get denied because you missed an important detail.

4. Don't get discouraged

Just because your project was denied in 2013 does not mean it won’t be funded in 2014. Look over your application narratives and make them stronger.

Focus on the above while keeping them clear and concise, and you will improve your chances of receiving funding. 

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