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FY 2013 FP&S Applicant Tools and SAFER Hiring Applicant Notification

Start planning your FY 2013 FP&S Grant application now! Although the dates of the FY 2013 application period are not yet final, we recommend that you start your application today by reviewing the updated FP&S applicant tools, including the first Research and Development (R&D) Get Ready Guide. These tools were produced specifically to help potential applicants begin to plan their 2013 applications ahead of the application period. The tools can be viewed on the AFG website or downloaded to your computer.

First, review the updated FP&S Get Ready Guide or the R&D Get Ready Guide, depending on which activity you plan to apply under. These guides will identify and help you prepare to address the most important elements of your grant application.

Then review the updated FP&S Self-Evaluation Sheet for those applying under the FP&S activity. The Self-Evaluation Sheet has been developed to help you better assess your organization’s readiness to apply for a FY2013 FP&S grant and also to help you better understand the criteria that you must address as you prepare your application.

FP&S Grants Help Desk: If you have questions about the Get Ready Guides and Self-Evaluation sheets listed below, call or e-mail the FP&S Grants help Desk. The toll-free number is 1-866-274-0960; the e-mail address for questions is

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