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Boston firefighters running for fallen colleagues, bombing victims

“Now the marathon means that much more to everybody in this house. Now guys are truly honored to participate in it,” firefighter Chris Dunn said

NY Daily News

BOSTON — You make a choice. Chris Dunn is nobody’s philosopher, but isn’t that what this all comes down to, really? Isn’t that exactly what he’ll be doing Monday afternoon, when his weary legs are climbing up Hereford St. and he arrives at the corner of Boylston St., at the 26-mile mark of America’s most fabled road race?

When he looks to his right and sees not only Boston’s most historic and public firehouse, but his own firehouse, too — and tries to keep it together as he takes in the sight of the 20-foot-long banner that honors his fallen brothers from Engine 33, Ladder 15, Eddie Walsh and Mike Kennedy?

The banner has the logo of the Boston Fire Department in the corner, and the number 29384 in the middle. It is the number Mike Kennedy was going to wear Monday, for the most important and emotionally charged Boston Marathon in its 118-year history.

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