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Ala. firefighter suffers third-degree burns in roof collapse

Captain Michael Purvis said the home’s roof fell in, hitting him on the helmet


Photo/Magnolia Springs Volunteer Fire Department

By Leila Merrill

FOLEY, Ala. — A Magnolia Springs firefighter sustained third-degree burns as a roof collapsed on him Sunday night, Fox10 reported.

Magnolia Springs firefighters were on the scene to aid Foley crews at a house fire.

Two firefighters from each department were inside when there was a call to evacuate.

Captain Michael Purvis and another firefighter were with a hose at the time.

“Turned around and started noticing the ceiling was falling in on us and once the ceiling fell in, the entire roof fell in and uh, it hit me in the helmet, went down the side of my body and kind of pinned me to the floor,” Purvis told the news outlet from his hospital bed Tuesday. “The guy that was with me, the way I understand it by talking to him is he saw that I was on fire and started spraying water in my direction.”

Fire Chief Kaylan Driscoll with the Magnolia Springs department said the situation changed quickly.

“The rapidly changing conditions caused the trusses to give way and breaking through the ceiling and in turn, knocking one of our firefighters down,” said Driscoll.

Purvis suffered first, second and third degree burns on his face, legs and stomach. He said he thinks burning wood went under his jacket during the collapse, causing severe burns to his stomach area.

Purvis is recovering at the USA Burn Center in Mobile.