Non-invasive Respiratory Gas Monitoring - CCBEMS approved - $15.95


Non-invasive respiratory gas monitoring is an essential measure in ensuring first responders’ safety during and after responding to a call involving hazardous gasses. Monitoring is now possible in the out-of-the-hospital setting. Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the respiratory system can be measured through pulse oximetry and capnography, respectively.

Upon completing this educational curriculum on respiratory gas monitoring, by Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, the student will be able to clinically apply non-invasive respiratory gas monitoring in the out-of-hospital setting in order to enhance patient assessment skills and provide optimal interventions in patient care.

Download the curriculum materials below.

 Download Respiratory Gas Monitoring (PowerPoint v.2007) - 15.6 MB

 Download Respiratory Gas Monitoring (PowerPoint v.2003 or older) - 20.4 MB

 Download Respiratory Gas Monitoring Handouts (PDF) - 21.0 MB

Download Respiratory Gas Monitoring Curriculum (Word) - 15.6 MB

This educational module is sponsored by Masimo Inc., and is endorsed by the National Association of EMTs and the International Association of Flight Paramedics.

Copyright 2008 by Cielo Azul Publications.

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