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10 firefighter-themed children’s books

What if you could foster a love of reading as well as firefighting? These books are sure to do the trick


Did we miss one of your favorites?

There are many benefits of reading to children at a young age — some even suggest starting at infancy.

But what if you could foster a love of reading along with your love of firefighting to your children? These 10 firefighter-themed children’s books are sure to do the trick.

Your little one can follow Curious George’s firefighting adventure or even learn about fire safety and inspections.

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1. Betsy Beansprout Fire Safety Guide by Amber Elmore

Volunteer firefighter Amber Elmore used her firefighting experience to help spread fire prevention awareness in the form of her newest children’s book. “Betsy Beansprout: Fire Safety Guide,” the fourth book in Elmore’s Betsy Beansprout series, teaches kids the importance of fire safety and prevention from the perspective of a 6-year-old girl who lives on a state park.

2. Big Frank’s Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire

Does your kiddo know the ins and outs of the fire service? Big Frank explains all there is to know about firefighting, including fire safety, inspections, assisting at crash scenes and more.

3. Curious George and the Firefighters by Margret and H.A. Rey’s

Curious George is a classic for all ages. No matter the adventure, George’s inquisitiveness is sure to keep your sides in stitches. Do you think firefighters can withstand a visit from one curious monkey?

4. The Fire Engine Book by Tibor Gergely

Every bookshelf should have a Little Golden Book. This story will transport readers to the scene where they’ll see firefighters save the day, though you’ll need to get past the lack of diversity.

5. Richard Scarry’s Busiest Firefighters Ever

Generations of children all over the world have grown up reading Richard Scarry’s books. Sit down and ease your busy kid by reading about how firepigs Sparky, Smokey, Snozzle and Squirty keep Busytown safe.

6. Firefighter’s Night Before Christmas by Kimbra Cutlip

It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, right? A group of firefighters sit down to enjoy dinner when they’re surprised by an older firefighter that stops by to join them for a bite to eat. However, crews quickly learn that this old firefighter isn’t just an ordinary firefighter.

7. Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Mitton

Too young for a ride-a-long? No worries. Join this trio of animal firefighters as they jump aboard a bright red fire truck.

Flashing Fire Engines

8. Busy Fire Station by Rebecca Finn

This interactive board book is perfect for babies and toddlers. It encourages them to particiapte in the story by helping firefighters slide down a fire pole, climb up a ladder and spray a fire hose.

9. Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington

Do you remember the first time you saw a fire truck? This board book is perfect for even the youngest wannabe-firefighter.

10. Molly, by Golly! The Legend of Molly Williams, America’s First Female Firefighter by Dianne Ochiltree

Molly Williams is a cook for New York City’s Fire Company 11. In the story, many of the company’s volunteer firefighters are sick with influenza. When a call comes in for a house fire, Molly jumps into action and helps fight the blaze, earning the nickname Volunteer Number 11.

This article, originally published in January 2017, has been updated.

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