Video: Firefighter reunites with child he saved from burning apartment

Scott Stroup met the Nelson family after catching 5-year-old Destiny, whose parents threw her from a third-floor window

By FireRescue1 Staff

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A firefighter said his “heart is filled” after reuniting with a little girl he caught when she was thrown from a third-floor window of her family’s burning apartment.

ABC News reported that DeKalb County Fire Rescue firefighter Scott Stroup was caught on a helmet camera catching Destiny Nelson, 5, after her parents threw her to safety.

"America heard what we were dealing with right there," Stroup said. "When you hear children screaming, that right there amps up the adrenaline."

The 26-year fire veteran said that being able to meet the girl after the incident was what made the experience so special.

"Very seldom do we get to make that personal connection, and this right here, if I retire today I would have had a fulfilled career," Stroup said. "To see the family and how appreciative they are, and see the children playing with their siblings, my heart is filled."

Destiny’s mother, Djuana, said that although the incident has been troubling for the little girl, meeting Stroup helped her cope with what happened.

"It started some healing for my family," Nelson said. "Most of all, it brought some clarity to my daughter ... because all she keeps talking about is, 'Daddy threw me, and fire, and Daddy being hurt,' so she doesn't quite understand."

The reunion was filmed and aired on Good Morning America, and Stroup can be seen hugging Destiny and telling her he’s happy to see that she’s OK.

"I want to tell you something, OK? Do you know how brave your daddy is?" Stroup added. "He’s very, very brave. He loves you very much. Your daddy saved your life."


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