The Command Post Podcast: 3 keys to successful water rescue

Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie also discuss how management can respect firefighter's individuality and desire to express themselves

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This week, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss ongoing shifts in the Los Angeles Fire Department, focusing on the fact that the department is changing their leadership yet again with a fifth chief in seven years.

"It's tough to get the troops to buy into anything of any substance if they have no confidence that their leadership is going to be there in a year or two," Chief Wylie said. "Real change takes time, not just in the fire service, but real change takes time."

They also discuss how Vegas fire and AMR have reached a deal over patient transport in the Vegas area, and how everyone had to give a little bit to meet in the middle.

"Basically, it was a negotiation," Chief Wylie. "Any negotiation where everybody walks away with their keester smarting a little bit is probably a good negotiation.

"The bottom line is that the citizens are going to get the service that they want, and I think they've got the things in place to ensure that that service remains high on both sides of the coin."

In their frontline tactical tips segment, the hosts talk about something we've seen over and over this summer: water rescue. Just recently in Pennsylvania, there was some flash flooding that forced local departments to get into water rescue mode. They discuss three topics that are central to any water rescue: personal flotation devices, the idea of reach-throw-row-and-go, and, finally, training and resources.

And in today's leadership lessons, Duckworth and Wylie dig into how management can respect firefighters' individuality and desire to express themselves.

"The minefield is an apt description for it," Chief Wylie said. "I think the key to it is to get the input and involvement of the folks in your organization, and have a sit down and have an honest conversation about it."

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