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Watch: Nearly half of Pittsburgh commercial building collapses during 4-alarm blaze

Some witnesses reported seeing firefighters escaping moments before the collapse

pittsburgh building collapse video bureau of fire 4-alarm

Photo/Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

Becky Metrick

PITTSBURGH — Dramatic social media videos show the collapse of nearly half a building on the South Side Chamber of Commerce building in Pittsburgh, which crews were responding to Monday afternoon.

According to a post by Pittsburgh Public Safety, the building is in the 1100 block of East Carson Street, between 10th and 13th streets. The fire has been designated a 4-alarm fire.

It is unclear what time the fire was first reported, but KDKA reports that the collapse happened just before 4 p.m.

Reporters on scene showed how after the collapse, it appeared as if half the building was gone.

KDKA reports that the building is home to the South Side Chamber of Commerce, as well as a barbershop that is closed on Mondays.

WTAE reported there were also apartments in the building.

There are currently no reports of any injuries. KDKA reported that firefighters initially went into the building and up to the third floor, but the fire got too out of control and they had to evacuate. Some witnesses reported seeing firefighters escaping moments before the collapse.

There were no reports on any potential cause of the fire.


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