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FDNY EMS provider tests positive for COVID-19

Several of the diagnosed provider’s coworkers are now under mandatory quarantine


Photo/Wikimedia Commons

By Rachel Engel

NEW YORK — A member of the FDNY EMS has tested positive for coronavirus.

Officials announced an FDNY medical provider tested positive for the virus late Monday. The provider, as well as several of the member’s coworkers, are currently under mandatory quarantine.

The member did not show symptoms of the virus, but worked three shifts prior to testing positive, PIX 11 reported. A statement released by the FDNY said the member had potentially exposed 11 patients and 5 other EMS providers.

“This was inevitable, given that our members are continually exposed to diseases and illness,” Oren Barzilay, president of FDNY EMS Local 2507, said in a released statement. “We are confident that the FDNY, together with the Department of Health, will be diligent in tracking down people outside of the Department that have been in contact with this member.”

Barzilay added that the news would not change the work of the FDNY EMS.

“This news is highly illustrative of the exceptionally dangerous role that members of the FDNY Emergency Medical Service play each and every day,” the statement read. “Despite the ongoing risks associated with this virus for our members, their families and their friends, we are all absolutely dedicated to protecting New Yorkers with the emergency medical services they need during these uncertain times.”